On-demand insurance calls supercharge your sales efforts

You no longer need six-figure budgets or a room full of available agents to buy live call transfers. Inside Response delivers warm, live transfers directly to you.

Sign Up For Volume & Pricing

First, Create A Free Account

To receive call transfers, you will need to set up an account with us. Within your account, you will be able to specify your call settings, deposit funds, bid on calls, review call details and listen to recordings. You'll also be able to view detailed reporting that will provide valuable insight into how well you're doing!

Specify Your Call Settings

Each insurance type has specific call settings or variables you can adjust. These call settings allow you to build campaigns that best suit your business. In order to activate a campaign, you will need to specify the State, day of the week, time of the day, bid amount, call caps and daily spend caps. All of these variables contribute to the volume of calls you will receive.

Receive Calls

Receiving call transfers is easy and only requires that you input a forwarding phone number on the call settings page. You can use a cell phone, voip or hard-wired phone. If your campaign is set to active and you have deposited funds then you are eligible to receive calls. Our Kansas City based Advisors will contact you with a customer on the line. The handoff is quick and painless and allows you to jump right into your qualifying questions. If you are set to active and you do not answer our call then the call details will be saved in your account and you will need to call the consumer back on your own time.

Sell Insurance

Live insurance calls are the most efficient form of insurance sales. Getting someone on the phone is difficult, vetting their interest in insurance is more difficult. These processes take time away from the sales process. With Inside Response, we connect and vet consumer interest so that you can sell more insurance.