Managed CPL Campaigns To Exceed Your ROI

Insurance Web Leads

Proven Historical Performance

We specialize in building cost-effective campaigns in auto, home, life, final expense, health, and Medicare insurance. All of our performance-based web lead campaigns utilize best-in-class quality assurance and regulatory management.

Web Lead Campaigns to Supplement Your Marketing Efforts

Sourced and O&O Generated Leads

Over the past 10 years we've vetted thousands of marketing sources. We can build a campaign mix to accommodate any budget and performance goal. Fraud is limited due to our ability to sample leads in real-time with our contact center. We're able to quickly identify any sources that do not meet our contact rate and customer intent standards.

Opt-In and Compliant

We have a best-in-class compliance team to manage all media acquisition with strict standards. Our team ensures all lead acquisition is opt-in and TCPA compliant. Compliance IDs are available from leading industry partners for proof of consent.

Real-Time Bidding and Custom Filtering

Bid on leads in real-time and according to your custom filters. Every campaign is customizable to accommodate any filters you may require. Integrate with our API and build your own internal bidding functionality.

Reporting and Custom Analysis

We provide in-depth reporting as well as custom performance analysis. Our Account Executives build campaigns to meet your KPIs and produce the strongest ROI. Each executive will work with you to integrate your full-funnel metrics into each report. Set up automated reporting for improved integration.

Acquire Shared, Semi-Exclusive, or Exclusive Leads

We have curated a demand environment that allows all buyers to succeed in hitting their CPA targets, ensuring a maximum total close rate with lower cost entry point for your campaign. This translates to a lower cost per acquisition.

Web Lead Questions?

Do you sell shared and exclusive web leads?

Yes, we can sell shared or exclusive web leads. We will want to understand how and what you sell and from there we typically build campaigns with a mix of both shared and exclusive leads.

Are you on my Agency's vendor list?

Though we pride ourselves on working with the largest carriers in the world there could be a platform that we are not running. If you are an Agent and do not see us on your carriers vendor list please contact us.

How are your web leads generated?

The majority of our O&O web leads are generated through paid media. Our marketing team has experience generating leads that convert into sales for auto, health, home, life and medicare products.

How do I get my leads?

We can deliver leads via email, SMS or data post to your CRM.

How much do your leads cost?

Pricing varies greatly depending on the insurance type and the amount of filters you place on a campaign.

Can I return bad leads?

Yes, we allow refunds where we will credit your account. Please note, we have a very specific refund policy and will QA each lead that is processed for refunds. If you abuse our refund policy we will deactivate your account.